About Us

Commercial Truck Parts Direct to You

Welcome to the A. C. Roeth Truck Parts website where we offer parts from over 36 manufacturers for light, medium, and heavy duty trucks and trailers. We are associated with a large aftermarket truck parts distributor, Commercial Vehicle Systems Network (CVSN)and HDA- Truckpride allowing us to bring years of knowledge and experience to support this site.

We only sell genuine, new parts purchased directly from our manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers have overseas facilities and/or contract with other entities for production purposes. We do not import any parts ourselves, and will not sell counterfeit or any offshore products unless they are purchased directly from the manufacturers listed at the immediate left.

How to Purchase Parts

Simply type a part number you would like to purchase in the “Part Search” box above and add it to your cart. Additional parts can be added until your shopping is complete. The checkout process utilizes Google Checkout for processing the credit card payment and shipping functions. Buyers from outside of The United States of America will not be able to complete their purchases. Please contact us directly with your orders to be shipped Internationally.

NOTICE - We neither SELL nor SHIP to anyone located in Virginia