Heavy Duty Commercial Truck Lighting and Accessories by Truck-Lite.

Super 44 , Stop/Turn/Tail, LED 4'' Sealed, 6, 17 & 42 Diode Pattern

    Price: $20.32

    Code: TRU44302R

    Weight: 0.40 pounds

    Super 44, LED, Red, Round, 6 Diode, S/T/T, Fit 'N Forget S.S., 12V
    • LEDs have no filament, therefore are not susceptible to shock & vibration, a major cause of failure for lamps with incandescent bulbs
    • Less current draw, resulting in increased battery & alternator life while allowing more power for other vehicle requirements
    • Faster illumination offers significant safey benefit for following drivers to react quicker, resulting in an average distance of 3' for every 10 m.p.h





    Polycarbonate lens, housing & flange

    PVC grommet

    16 gauge wire

    Light Source:

    Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

    6 diode designed at 14v, .03/.3 amp

    42 diode designed at 14v, .1/.5 amp

    17 diode designed at 28v, .25/.5 amp

    Kit Components:

    Grommet kits include lamp, 40700 grommet & 94706 adapter

    Flange kits include lamp with flange & 94706 adapter


    I6, P2, S2(3), T